Take a break! Breathe deeply and listen to your body. A visit to the sauna is always good for you …whether it’s after a hiking trip or a day on the slopes, an excursion into the surrounding area or a relaxing day.

Take time out to pamper yourself:

Finnish sauna / bio sauna
Finnish sauna:
Classic, dry sauna experience according to Finnish tradition. The different seating and lying possibilities enable you to enjoy the sauna in different temperature zones between 85° and 100°C.

Bio sauna:
A moderate type of sauna between 50° - 70° C with a humidity level up to 40%, which supports your circulation.

training for heart and circulation - strengthening the immune system - stimulation of metabolism - sudorific - anti-inflammatory - relaxing, regenerating and helping you sleep
Steam bath with salt Sauna with high humidity level and moderate temperature.
Temperature. 40 - 50° C – humidity: 95 - 100%

Effect: preventive and soothing in the case of breathing difficulties - expectorant - stimulation of metabolism - soothing - strengthens immune system - protects your hair
Kneipp facility Get your blood-flor going! The water stimulates your circulatory system and metabolism, supports purification of your body and ensures general relaxation.
Jacuzzi The Jacuzzi with its massage fixtures enables you to enjoy a pulsating massage of your body in warm water with a relaxing effect.
Heated benches Relax on one of our heated benches.
Tropical shower Rain/fog/surge shower – a truly special experience!
Ice spring After having enjoyed the sauna, your body needs to cool down again… best with ice!
Relaxation room Relax to soothing background music.
Drinking fountain After having lost a lot of water in the sauna, your body needs to top up on fluids. Why not use the fresh spring water.


  1. Entrance to wellness area
  2. Coat rack / towel shelves
  3. Drinking fountain
  4. Toilet
  5. Kneipp facility
  6. Finnish and bio sauna
  7. Steam bath
  8. Tropical shower
  9. Ice spring
  10. Heated benches
  11. Tropical shower
  12. Jacuzzi
  13. Relaxation loungers 

The best ever holiday – pure enjoyment… in our beautiful South Tyrol!